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Sunday, September 6, 2009

House Hunting 9/6

Back from Goodyear where we went to look at houses on acre lots.

First house was on a busy street and they ruined the beautiful kitchen and tile work throughout the house by having a huge bump in the tile in the kitchen. The yard was a blank canvas but had a completed block fence. Huge ant problem in the front and shared a driveway with neighbor, kind of.The second house had a courtyard in the middle of the house, and the house didn't have access all the way around so it wasn't open enough. The pantry light was connected to the door so it automatically switched on and off by opening and closing the door. Some of the window sills were pretty low. They had a mole problem of some type and an uncovered, empty spa to go with the green pool. I liked the pathway around the pool to the back of the yard but it was unfinished. The casita had an odd flow and would not have any purpose for us.Third house had no room for the pool table or piano, but had a mudroom (kennel room), one of the largest kitchen/dining room areas we've seen, a great stove (kind of an odd layout for the stove and sink access though). The garage had epoxy and those "bumpers" on the floor for knowing where to stop. Huge RV garage/workshop that included a bathroom, but no AC and very little storage. The house had large bedrooms, including an actual walk in (no step up or down) shower in one of the guest rooms and a built in desk in the hallway (why?). I like his yellow flowers; Mike thinks they are Mexican honeysuckle.Next house had a wetbar in the kitchen, nice tile work and cabinetry and granite, needed appliances and some work. Yard was not fenced yet. Irrigation canal starts at corner of house outside master bedroom window. Lots of palm trees in front, on corner lot.All of those houses were in the same neighborhood. Then we headed out to the foothills for our last one. It was beautiful but had no usable yard. The three car garage had one of them that can be driven through, so instead of driving in and seeing a wall, you see another garage door. The entrance was a nice covered entry with circular drive. It had a fireplace that can be accessed in the living room or on the patio outdoors. The stone work was amazing and there was a wet bar in the living room. They even tiled the garage. The raised bathtub in the center of the master bathroom was a bit much and didn't even have a view because they put in block windows, but the his and her closets were nice. Every bathroom had different tile work, including a border around each mirror. Too bad it was far and no yard.

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