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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Poofy energy

It's a new "quarter", and I have a new student. Dr. Q seems to be more something with her; I can't think of the word but like he thinks she takes him or his line of work more seriously than the other students who are just doing their rotations.

They talked about my energy, almost like talking about aura. He mentioned to her that I was poofy. I was amused because I had mentioned to a friend a few days earlier that I felt, not just fat and bloated, but poofy. I also got a little lecture about negative self-talk. Well, I am never *wrong*. That is positive self-talk, right?!

They talked about SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique) chiropractic and TMJ. I had been complaining of a lot of pain in my right ear and side of my face. I just thought I was clenching my teeth or something. He did some adjustments on my face, neck, sacrum  mentioned being more gentle in the adjustments based on the issues I'm having. He said to the student that the area around the eyes looked more relaxed. My eye felt better when I left.

bright blue for low energy day
love this Target scarf

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