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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cheater, cheater, chicken noodle soup eater

It's official. I'm sick. I went to work but told my supervisor that I was going to the doctor after lunch and I didn't thinking was coming back. I went to True Food to get a giant bowl of steaming spicy soupy chicken panang curry. And a lot of green ice tea.

Chicken noodle soup
Dr. QM was "gentle" today because of my neck (thyroidectomy incision). But he found several really painful "TMJ" points as well as needing to work on my, let's say gluteus Maximus, lower back and upper neck areas. He loved my recent examples of my honey and one of his helpers showing me their love the way they want to rather than how I maybe need or want. (Although they do get it right sometimes too!) he also mentioned garlic for a cold so I picked up a bottle of garlic pills to take with my double doses of Vitamin C and Zinc.

with jacket
scarf from my sis
I headed home and got stuck in some kind of football traffic for a Bowl game. That tea started screaming at me so I decided to stop at Sam's Club to get OJ and a few things after using their ladies room. I got some basic short sleeve Eddie Bauer Tshirts to replace some that I've needed to discard as well as a coat with a scarf that might work with some black and red sweaters I have that I could not match up this morning. This is what I wore instead.

I took a nap, which included drooling all over my arm. Wow, that was gross. And unusual for me.

Ingredients for cheaters
When Mick got home, I put a frozen lasagna in the oven for him and then made a "quick" chicken noodle soup using a container of Kitchen Basics chicken stock, half a package of Andean Dream quinoa macaroni, a can of chicken, half a jar of mushrooms, some freeze dried garlic, and a large handful of parsley from my garden to freshen it up. I basically just brought the stock to a boil, added the chicken, then the macaroni, then when it was almost done, the rest. I should have added more water but it was good anyway since the stock is pretty good.

My throat is killing me so I'm self medicating with some (too much) Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss Cappuccino ice cream. My ears hurt, my nose hurts, I can't breath through my nose, I have to suck on a candy to calm my throat enough to go to sleep, I hate this shit. I'm concerned that I should take tomorrow off to go to the general doctor but I hate to go for "just" a cold. On the other hand, Dr. QM mentioned that I have a compromised immune system, so I wonder if I need to take preventative measures.

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