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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Not myself yet

And the trees are covered for the freeze.
I don't feel so great today. I saw the sunrise, which was beautiful (I know my photo doesn't do it justice at all) but my head is stuffy and achy. I went to work and met J for lunch. I changed my scarf; the coral print scarf was not a good match for this color block top.

so I changed the scarf to black.
I ran through Whole Foods to get hemp protein powder. I also wanted to get these rice crackers I got there before but this one was set up differently and I wasn't able to find them. I did get a couple of snack bars and a Theo chocolate mint bar.

My head was not feeling great still. It didn't help that I waited almost an hour to see the doctor just for follow up. And I feel fat; I'm half a pound from hitting 160 again. I recently read an article about thyroid function that included an example of someone who needed to cut 500 calories from her diet just to maintain weight because of a malfunctioning thyroid. And that was off of a healthy diet, not at all reasonable to expect. Grrr.

I ran to Fresh and Easy for almond milk (no carrageenan) and a few other items, then Sprouts for coconut milk creamer (it has carrageenan but I don't have alternatives yet, although I am investigating one that looks promising). The coconut milk yogurt has that additive too, but I noticed the (more expensive, harder to find, of course) Greek version was slightly cleaner. Hmmm. But I love that chocolate one! And the large vanilla or plain is more economical than all those little Greek ones. I'm also really disappointed that I can't find the canned Thai coconut soup anymore. I think they stopped carrying it. So sad! They did have uncured Niman Ranch Canadian bacon and bacon as well as g/f Andouille sausage without nitrates and all that crap. Sweet.

Mick thought Inmight meet them out at Marjerle's for happy hour but I didn't have enough happy left for an hour so I went home for some rest.

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