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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MY person

I feel like a complainer. I'm starting to think it's because my husband Mick often tells me that I'm "bitching." He's used this phrase for quite a while; whenever I have anything to say, which I think is factual, (but must be my opinion or I wouldn't get this reaction, right?) I'm bitching.

My baba ganoush is not very photogenic
The other day, we were in the kitchen together, and I was feeling kind of frazzled. I had taken on too much at one time and managed to make terrible chicken for dinner. I wanted to go to bed but still needed to finish the baba ganoush and put away the rest of the stuff I cooked as well as clean up the mess I had made. But I couldn't get the (new) food processor to process. He tried to help me and we both ended up frustrated. He wanted to know if I read the instruction book (really?!) so I found it and gave it to him and he said it wasn't helpful. I thought I should take the "stuff" out of it and use my mini-processor. And then he said I was "bitching." At that point, I'm thinking he's just trying to push my buttons.

So I was really surprised at how I felt today. But maybe I shouldn't be. I'm scheduling my surgery and the doctor's office is checking a couple of dates with the hospital and my insurance. I tell Mick the dates to find out if there's any problem--he will have to take me, I stay at least overnight, and then he has to take me home. It's about an hour from our house. Totally sucks but that's where almost all the good surgeons seem to be located. Or even farther!

He tells me that if he can't, his helper can pick me up. And maybe it's just residual from the office drama I dealt with today, but I'm weepy after I get off the phone. That I don't want that person to be there. I want my person to be there. And now I feel ungrateful. AGAIN. As usual. But what can I say? Insist he take time off work? That's silly, right?

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