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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas holidays

My sister C was here this week and we did a whole lot of nothing. Watching TV. Sleeping. Hanging out. Rotating dogs, damn that little Teka. C's dogs really wanted to play with her too but they had to settle for Cassi. And watching Teka from across the room.
my first scarf photo
As my Christmas gift, my awesome counterpart husband Mick helped me pick out and get frames for my dad's paintings we brought back from Texas. They turned out great.

My dad painted it!
We were able to host Christmas Eve at our house. Mick smoked elk steak and salmon; I made mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and salad and we reheated some previously smoked ribs.

Eating as good as it gets!
It was amazing. And great fun. My FIL and MIL came over. On Christmas, we went to my grandparents' house (I took leftovers) and then my BIL's. I was hoping to see more family but that was quite enough for me. I'm going to miss my sissy until I see her again...

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