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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tamari is soy

Since I've just returned from a week long trip, I had nothing to take for lunch.
I went to Flower Child and ordered a plate I've had several times. I gave my allergy alert.
While I was waiting for my order, someone came to tell me the sweet potatoes have tamari in the glaze.
W. T. F.
That explains some things.
And this is why I would rather cook all my own food and eat at home. It sucks terribly to have to shop, prep, cook and clean up for all of my meals (you try it some time) but the alternative is...not desirable.

So they made some steamed sweet potatoes without the glaze. They were okay. I wouldn't pay this much money for them--they aren't at all special, just something I would make at home.
sub plain sweet potatoes
I'll have to try some other sides. Or stop eating there.

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