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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Milking my birthday (non-dairy of course)

I got a coupon from Fox restaurants for a free dessert. Since I'm an avid fan of True Food and Flower Child, and I know that TF has dairy free sorbet, I was excited about going to lunch with someone. I hadn't actually made plans with anyone though and then realized the coupon expires Monday. I have a business lunch tomorrow and a lunchtime meeting Friday, so today was it. And that meant I went alone.

I'm not sad. I mean, it would be nice to go with someone but I go alone often enough. The guy and gal who usually work the bar weren't there, so I was a little sad that I didn't know anyone. Okay, not so much...

So I had the usual: Panang curry with chicken. The waitress told me the soup was gazpacho today. I love gazpacho so I thought of getting some to-go but after sh told me it was gluten free, she came back and said it had Worcestershire sauce so it was not safe for me. I generally don't question further when I'm told it's not safe but for your info, I can have Lea and Perkins brand. Other brands may have wheat and/or soy.

For my freebie, I had pistachio sorbet. You could tell by the texture it has coconut milk. It was good. I want cake. But that will happen this weekend. And next!

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