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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Don't make it your own

I had my first scheduled appointment with Dr. Q since my emergency visit. He says I'm doing really well...

Actually, he says I am/my body is dealing with things better than I used to. After working on me today, he basically said that the amount of "stuff" I'm carrying around would have put me in so much pain a couple years ago that I'd be in bed but I'm dealing with it much better now.

On the other hand, he said I need to be careful. I'm dealing better so it's easier to take more on, except that it's not good for me and I could hit a breaking point and set me back a lot. Yikes. That would suck.

We had talked about a lot of other people's issues, as I'm dealing with and/or supporting my friends through what they've got going on. It's not about any one person but I am trying to be a better friend and he thinks I'm taking too much on. He told me "don't make it your own." Hmmm. Am I making it my own? I'll have to be mindful of what I take on I guess.

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