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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Extra NARCOMS survey

I usually complete the NARCOMS survey twice a year. It's for MS research so why not. They send me a little magazine with information about studies in progress and stuff like that.

They recently sent me an "extra" survey about marijuana use. Easy peasy. Done it. Not medically. Not for a long time. Would consider medical use. Especially if studies showed it would help with my specific symptoms. (I think some research has already shown it helps MS spasticity and stuff like that.)

But realistically, no, I would not use marijuana in any form because my spouse is against it. It's so weird to me that someone could "not believe in it" but that's his experience (or more specifically, lack of experience) so there's no way I could change his mind. I hope and pray that I never have to get into it with him on this one. If it really would help and my shit was bad enough...well, I've been known to disagree on occasion when it matters.

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