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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Well Fed

I borrowed this book from the library and now have it on my "to buy" list. It's smaller than Well Fed 2, but the recipes I tried were good. And I didn't have it that long before it was overdue. I had it while people were at my house and they were checking out the photos of things they wanted me to make for them. Unfortunately, it was all the stuff I can't eat (so won't make) due to the whole egg allergy thing.

If for no other reason, I recommend this book for the Sunshine Sauce. Used for Pad Thai, kicking up some mayo, or a veggie dip, it is yummy and easy.

I made the cinnamon beef and my husband and I both really liked it. I've made the chocolate chili before and he didn't love it but I thought it was great. This is a cookbook that is a great resource for how to meal plan, whether Paleo or not. I will be using these Whole30 recipes even when I'm not doing the Whole30.

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