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Friday, May 9, 2014

I may have to stop Facebooking

People are driving me crazy on The Facebook.
I am so tired of all the CRAP people post. Just tell me what is going on with you. Maybe share a nice photo or tell me something funny. Not what makes a cute relationship, not how to win anything, not a photo of Bill Gates promising you money, not your daily horoscope. Facebook is not your recipe binder. Oh that recipe looks good to you? Then get up off your ass and make the recipe instead of posting that on Facebook.

This is coming from someone who had been told I post too many food photos. Not that I do, but that's what I've been told. Now I have Instagram for that!

I should not have posted my opinion. In the public. (Just my public, not really the whole public.) The public is not nice.

A couple of days ago, a (I had to think about the label to use here...) person we used to know but the family moved away (good? Not a friend really. But not a not friend. Or whatever.) ...posts an article bashing Phoenix. I started reading it thinking it was going to be funny, a joke. But it was just negative. And worse, a lot of it was wrong at least in my opinion.

Today, a friend posts about her gluten free baking failures. All is fun and games in the comments as they usually are with her group of friends. And then...

Some recipes just should not be changed. Gluten free-ers eat something else!


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