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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I attended an MS Support Group to hear a talk about nutrition. The leader of the group, Eldene, has been doing the MS Recovery Diet for over a year. It is very restrictive; I read it a while ago (borrowed from the library) and thought there is no way! She has improved in many areas and actually kept track of her changes. She also talked about acidic and alkaline foods.

The speaker was Annie from Macrotherapy. The first thing she pointed out was that the diet Eldene is following is not going to work for everyone. She went on to talk about everyone having different body chemistry. For example, a person native to very cold northern climates needs more cholesterol in their blood, so what may be appropriate for one person is not appropriate for another. Her company does testing to determine the optimal nutritional plan for a person. (They do diet, exercise, massage-not spa, etc.) She talked about lower back pain being associated with adrenal glands, which sit on top of the kidneys. That got my attention! They do have different types of tests and of course, charges for everything. I'll have to think about it some more.

I plan to attend their Third Thursday program. The next one is on inflammation, so there is an MS connection there.

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