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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beautiful World MS Day

From the National MS Society about the first World MS Day:

World MS Day has been established by the MS International Federation and its member MS Societies for any individual, organization, or group involved in the global MS Movement.
The purposes of World MS Day are to
  • Raise awareness of MS, National MS Societies and the global MS Movement
  • Unite, broaden, and mobilize the global MS Movement
  • Generate funds to support the the global MS Movement
The global MS movement unites every person with and affected by MS worldwide . Together every individual, group and organization in the world can fight to improve the quality of life of all people with MS and the many more people affected by it.
The MSIF is fully endorsed by the National MS Society. The MSIF
  • Undertakes research into treatment for MS
  • Develops the capacity of MS societies in different nations to support people with MS
  • Communicates information about MS
  • Campaigns for the rights of people with MS.
To find out more at to show your support for this important day.

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