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Monday, May 18, 2009

Indy wedding

Mike, his dad, and I just returned from Indiana. We were there for the wedding of Jon and Courtney. What a great time visiting with family. Thursday, we went to Karen and Terry's, met Jade, saw Sean, Jenny, and Billy; Lori and Marcus came by too.

Friday was the wedding. Mike, Dad, and I had lunch at Captain D's, like a better Long John Silvers. The wedding was at a cute country church, almost packed. The reception followed and wrapped up around maybe 10. After sending Billy home with his dad (is that Wedding Crasher style like his Facebook says? Maybe Wedding Trasher style!), a group of us went to the Blind Pig. It was Mike, me, Karen, Jenny, Sean, Jake, Carmen, Kim, and a couple whose names are escaping me now. I was mean-ish to a "biker" guy who followed us around the rest of the night and we attracted a random lady that pushed her way into most of the photos. I asked the biker guy what's up with this, pointing to his face--he had no hair on top and the scruffy beard thing going on. He said he was a biker so I asked if he drove a Harley. He said no, so I asked what kind of bike he rode. He said he didn't have a bike. Um, hello?

Saturday was lunch at Dickie's, which was fantastic although it was a bit cold for a Phoenix girl like me. :) Oh, and the arf and arf, those drinks make the hair on your arms stand up. (That's what Tricia said--it was her first. Celia didn't have one, and it was her birthday!) That evening, we went to the Casino Live! briefly and then to Marcus and Lori's for pizza and drinks. Jill insisted on making Flaming Dr Peppers, which were 151 and Ameretto shots dropped in a "keg cup" of beer. Gross! Maybe she got the amounts wrong, but really, gross!

Sunday we had brunch at Bob and Donna's overlooking the golf course. Mike got them set up to view the family tree. Bob told the story about the origins of the arf and arf. It involves a guy named Lorenzo and an order for half and half (whiskey and peppermint schnapps).

We didn't get to see Jamie and Chuck and that clan. :(

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