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Friday, September 30, 2016

September update

Oh, the things that happened this month:

  • birthday party for my niece's daughter
  • Labor Day swimming at my cousin's
  • (always) Dr. Q
  • webinar on natural treatments--mostly talking about mushrooms (I don't have time for more crazy #justsaying)
  • endocrinologist appointment--she was not impressed with how quickly my primary doctor reduced my thyroid meds so she asked me to come back next month for new labs; I am currently taking 100 mcg of Levothyroxine (Synthroid)
  • work dinner Olive and Ivy--pretty good, and accommodating
  • went to Becketts Table and it wasn't as good as I remember, kind of weird actually; a small, tasty piece of salmon on a plate of carrots and a side of green beans after I was done eating.
  • went to my niece's daughter's and son's birthday party at a park

cat in a bag - tongue out Tinker

sandwich on Bread SRSLY (a gift!) #giddy
sandwich on a Bread SRSLY roll #happiness

Sleeping Cassi--but I missed the photo contest deadline

Mmm, bacon--the low sodium has a shorter ingredient list.


Bacon, and bacon wrapped apricots #yum

No weird ingredients--a Costco find!
The tri-tip after cooking #nomnom

roasted asparagus
My major malfunction has been the eye doctor/glasses shopping. This seems like a short, simple process for most people. However, I:

  • went to the eye doctor, got a glasses prescription, 
  • went to Costco and found frames, had glasses and sunglasses made, 
  • picked up new glasses and sunglasses, couldn't see but they said it was the prescription,
  • went back to adjust (the ear piece was painful),
  • went back to the eye doctor but they just had me see one of the technicians in the front and said it was probably the coating on the lenses (#WTF), 
  • went back to Costco where they checked the prescription and sent the glasses back to be remade, but not the sunglasses, 
  • picked those up and still couldn't see, 
  • made and had an appointment with my friend's eye doctor at another Costco, got a new prescription, 
  • got my glasses and sunglasses remade, picked up the glasses first,
  • picked up the sunglasses and had the glasses in for an adjustment.

I got this style of sunglasses

I still need to take the sunglasses in for adjustment as one of the arms is too loose, but seriously, who else goes through this kind of crazy to cross ONE ITEM OFF MY LIST? I cope but I hate that this is my normal. An item on my to-do list took me two months to accomplish. I can't wait to do it again next year! #Ispeaksarcasm

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