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Friday, October 19, 2012


A few days ago, I was contacted about an all day meeting I was obligated to attend today. I was contacted because the lunch order is being placed. The caterer is bringing enchiladas. The person coordinating it asked if that was okay for me since they are using corn tortillas. *sigh*

That would be a no. I gave her my no list and offered to bring my own lunch. There was also some breakfast provided. I thought I would stop at the gluten-free bakery for something, but they don't open till 9 so I went to Lucy's to get a smoothie. I found out that the protein powder has amaranth powder so I can't have that but I had a berry smoothie which was a little weird because they use lemonade.

I brought my own creamer so I could have some coffee. For lunch, I brought an Amy's frozen tamale dinner (one of the non-dairy ones) with a Wholly guacamole packet and Garden of Eden chips. There was guacamole provided but I wasn't sure of what was in it. Same for the rice. But I did chance it and have some the salsa. But I ignored the beans. And the giant bowl of Halloween candy. And the chocolate chip cookies.

Life belongs to those who participate.

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