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Monday, October 1, 2012

Garden update

When I got home and let the dogs out, they went crazy over by the fig tree. I went out and the mesh covering was half pulled off and they were trying to get this:
 I let him out and picked my one fig (a couple had been bird attacked):
*Is* one the loneliest number?
I can't figure out when the pomegranates are ready, so I picked one red specimen. It wasn't ready. I pulled another off that had been bug attacked.
Apple tree-ish
The things are growing! (may include some weeds...)
Who knew eggplant was a bush that could kill mint and marigolds?
Theeeyyyy'rrrreee coooommmiiiinnnggg!
Strawberry fields forever. And tomatoes. And stuff.
Pecan tree stick.
Gah! Walnut tree. (sunflowers started behind)
Black-eyed peas. And lots of grass weeds--have to be dug up, can't be pulled.  Sigh.
Blurry okra. More grass weeds.
And there are new ant piles between the garden box and the (dry) water retaining basin. Yay.

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