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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weave 101B

Teka liked the first part of class. She got to run on the dog walk on her way to the weaves. After working on shaping, she got to take a turn on the teeter. Shaping was challenging; D helped out with getting her around the third pole.

Next we worked on channel weaves with toys and she did well. We moved on to a sequence of tunnel, 2 jumps, turning into weaves on the left, back to the tunnel left side, out the right to two jumps, into the weaves on the right. The weaves were the weaveomatics and I started with them too open, but D closed them up. Teka did better when I did NOT use my hands around the weaves. Hmmm!

Last we did 2 6-pole sets with 3 jumps making a circle. Teka had very good distance, and again I had the weaves open too much but closed them up and she did well.

At the end, Teka and I played with her toy and I ran her through the weaves again.

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