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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Montel Williams on Oprah

Montel Williams was on Oprah's show this week. He has MS and has written several books about his struggle. Dr. Oz was also on the show and explained MS in a way that was very understandable. He had a electrical cord and the rubber casing had holes. The nerves are the wires; the myelin that protects the nerves is the rubber casing. The immune system attacks and damages the myelin, creating nerve damage which creates the MS symptoms.

While his symptoms are quite different from mine, I really related to a couple of Montel's comments. Dr. Oz asked him what he is most scared of when he wakes up every day and he said not being able to walk. They also talked about how he takes care of himself by exercising, taking handfuls of pills, and taking (Copaxone) injections. These are daily reminders that he has MS, and he wishes he could just wake up and have a normal day. He used the elliptical machine to align his hip flexors like I recently found out I could do.

He was different in that he has been suicidal and has constant pain in his feet and face. I also have pain issues but very different symptoms. I have had depression but never suicidal. I certainly have those moments, full of pain, that I think I wish I was dead but I would never act on it and I am grateful for the life and abilities I have. I am blessed, as my friend Jason (J-bird) would say.

I thought it was a good show but could have been better by showing others with MS so that people can see how different it is for each of us that live with MS.

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