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Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's cold!

We are making great progress on the yard. And by we, I mean my husband and his helpers. They are amazing; they just keep going, way past when I would be in excruciating pain for days. They are digging and moving rock that being delivered and even fenced in my tomatoes (against the dogs*) and covered a lot of plants for the freezing temps.

rock pile; covered trees

Moving rock
*The dogs, we presumed Cassi, have been grabbing a tomato or three off the plants. They don't even have to be ripe. The other day, I saw Teka in the grass with her nose to the ground. I went to check and she was eating a tomato. There were two more in the grass. Later, I saw Cassi in the same position so I called her, completely expecting her to ignore me. She came running, so excited, with a small round orange tomato showing, similar to those orange slice smiles we did when we were kids. It. Was. Hilarious. And cute. And I tried not to laugh since she was not supposed to have the tomato anyway. But it was adorable.
Teka helping with the Christmas tree

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