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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Getting stabby

The results are in and there is totally something, ahem, everything, wrong with me.
I have a little bit of candida but bacterial overgrowth is more of an issue.
She recommends calcium bentonite clay; it absorbs toxins and inhibits bacteria growth better than charcoal. Arise and shine brand is highly recommended. I have to take a half teaspoon in a large glass of water no more than once a day.

She also gave me a tincture, something soothing that will still kill some yeast. I have to take one dropper in water once daily and increase to two teaspoons twice a day. Unless I feel irritated or yucky--then I should not increase. (Don't I always feel irritated or yucky!? ha-ha.)
She says my dismeria (PMS) should decrease when all these other things get killed off.
So, the bigger scarier news is that my doctor is moving to Sedona. I will have to start seeing a new doctor. She gave me a couple of recommendations for doctors at the school, trying to stick with those that can work the balancing act of many issues but none that need to be attacked with force. Because I'm sensitive, you know. At least my GI tract is.

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