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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To vet we go

I had a couple things I felt needed to be done with some urgency, so I decided to take a day off to do them. I started by sleeping in--obeying doctors orders to get more rest!

I took Teka to the vet. A few weeks ago, she started favoring her back left foot. It started with that "have something in the foot" type of action (when nothing was in her foot) but progressed to her limping around like a three-legged dog. It doesn't seem to be associate with more or less activity; I haven't seen her do it at agility classes. But it is increasing in frequency and duration so I took her in.

The vet reviewed her file and said she did the same thing with her back RIGHT foot when she was being treated for Valley Fever. We did an X-ray at the time but nothing showed on the x-ray then so he wasn't sure it was necessary. We decided to do a Valley Fever test for now and see if it's active again. I should know by next week.

We met my friend J for lunch at Bamboo Spice, where I had the excellent ice tea and chicken tikka masala. The weahter was good so I parked in the shade and ran into Whole Foods before heading home.

After a short time home, I went to have my car serviced, which took over 2 hours. Sigh. Such a waste of time. But I got some reading in.

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