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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Agility Class

We had three exercises tonight.

First was the one with the weaves. Teka kept popping out at the #10 pole and we finally figured out that I'm decelerating to turn toward the tunnel. When I ran on the outside instead of in between the weaves and tunnel, she completed the weaves. I was really enlightened here. If I can get her into the weaves, I should try to do crosses afterwards so that I'm out in front of her.

Next we had three jumps with a line. We were to stay on one side while they are on the other doing the jumps. We sent them over and between the jumps so they had to go out, come in, go out over the jump, in between and back out the next jump. Then they had to come over the jumps instead of going out over the jumps.

Last, we had a box of jumps with a couple of tunnels. We were to stay in the box of jumps while sending out to the tunnels. I couldn't believe how awesome Teka did at this.

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