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Monday, December 1, 2014

Last trial visit of 2014

I got matching bandaids for my arms. Lan rarely (I think maybe never) misses but today...well, right, then left. And they both hurt. Not terribly; I didn't cry, but it hurt.

On the eye exam, I got to Line 10 for the right eye but only Line 8 for the left eye. It was so blurry and there was a red line between 8 and 9 that was superimposed on line 9 when he asked me to read it. I. Just. Couldn't. It kind of made me want to fucking bust out crying. Of course, that's not going to help my vision!

Sensation all seemed good. He had me count backwards from 100 while testing my reflexes, since I barely have any. He said I have abdominal reflexes, which most people don't. See, I have it all!

The 500 meter walk took 9 minutes and I think he said my EDDS is 2.5.

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