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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day: Kids, You're killing Spongebob!

In honor of Earth Day, Lewis Black talks about the propaganda for kids. Kids are so worried about saving the earth and have been so indoctrinated, it is really sad. We should all do what we can to make a difference, but kids should be able to have a childhood without some of these worries. And I blame the animal rights people for a lot of it. They've been in schools for a long time telling kids how to make a difference--among other things, by being vegan. That is not going to save the earth; eating meat is the cycle of life. Americans eat too much meat and are too far removed from the source of their food but the vegan lifestyle is not for everyone and should not be introduced to young kids in school. Anyway, enjoy (after the commercial)....

I think Earth Day is a crock. What are people doing today that they shouldn't be doing every day? Reducing consumption one day when you're going to make up for it tomorrow is NOT making a difference. Finding a real, ongoing way to make a difference, makes a difference. Educating people on taking their grocery bags (or boxes) and using a cup or reusable water bottle rather than drinking bottles of water--these are things that make a difference.

Last year, I started a recycling program at my office and recruited a couple of people to help with it when the volume (success!) was too much for my residential recycling bin. I also campaigned to eliminate bottled water as a drinking choice for employees in the office. It is still available to clients, but employees have both reverse osmosis and filtered water from the refrigerator ice maker, so there is no reason for us to use bottled water. In addition, I keep a box in the garage and the closet for recycling to Goodwill. Are there more things I can do? Well, I will when I can, but the nearest grocery store is more than a five mile round trip, so I am not biking to pick up milk in Phoenix! However, I do plan my errands to limit the amount of driving I have to do overall.

Happy Earth Day--EVERYDAY!

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